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Cheap games holding back "great" games for iPhone?

Let's look at the current structure of gaming; most mobile games on Nintendo DS and PSP go for $29.00. How much are games on the iPhone? Well, nowhere near as much. Why is this a problem? Read on to learn more!

Direct TV announces iPhone app!

For those of you that use Direct TV, this is an awesome announcement! What can the remote do? Read to find out.

Citrix native client comes to iPhone

This is one of the single most important apps for me. I use applications on Citrix everyday at work, so this will help me be more productive than ever when I am away from my laptop. Thanks Citrix!!!!

iPhone Beta 2 is now available!

What does this mean? Well, Apple is working diligently to develop their OS as fast as they can in time for this summer. Based off of the latest release, things are coming along quite nicely!

What? New iPhone betas gives us 180 apps!

Well, it is more than 148, but I want more...

Review: SPE Book Case for iPhone

Looking for a leather fold-over case that is accessible to the iPhone dock for your iPhone 3G? Take a look at this review!

QuickOffice coming to iPhone in April!

That's right folks, native Office functionality is coming this month for iPhone. How much? An amazingly cheap $19.99! Sign me up, I want it now!

Palm Pre app walkthrough...

Ho-hum. Slow. But hey, it is still beta right?

Bigger camera coming for iPhone

3.5mp is the latest rumor. I for one am excited for this. The 2mp on the iPhone is good, but if I could squeeze out a few more megapixels...

Skype for iPhone: Served up 1 million downloads in two days.. oh SNAP!

Wow, this is quite an achievement! What message is this sending? All I know is that it works great!

AT&T beefing up their network?

Will LTE be here sooner than we thought? People say that the new routers are super-duper fast. Shouldn't we worry about people not getting dropped calls first? Just a thought.

AT&T Changes their TOS, then changes their mind?

Yeah. Looks like there was enough grumbling over the Internets, that AT&T recanted their change. Let's see how long this lasts. Click the link to read about the proposed changes.

New iPhone to have low-power 802.11n?

We can always use faster Wi-Fi on the iPhone and it looks like Apple might be delivering on this in the new iPhone. I can't wait.

App Review: Vine2Wine

Are you a wine drinker? Then this app might be useful. We like it! I enjoy wine like the next person, but I am a total neophyte when it comes to grape varities, this is a great too to bring you up to speed.