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Software 3.0 Walk-through

Curious to know about all of the fun new features in Apple's Software 3.0 Beta? Well, our article has been updated, check it out!

HD out of iPhone, to replace Apple TV?

What? Well it looks like there will be new cables coming out that would support HD signal out of the iPhone. This means you could plug in your iPhone and watch HD movies, etc. Could it be? Heck, I don't know about you, but I would like to play my games on the big screen!

Quickoffice is now available for the iPhone!

The first Office application is now available for the iPhone. Though limited in features, you do get Word and Excel-like functionality on your iPhone/iPod Touch with copy/paste. Now, I wonder what Dataviz is bringing to the table...

Voice Control coming to iPhone?

Maybe, at least that is what it looks like. Code-named "Jibbler" could add functionality to launch apps as well as voice dialing. For now it is a rumor, but an exciting one at that!

AT&T increasing their networks speeds?

Looks like it! AT&T has confirmed that they are doubling their network speeds to 7.2mps (for you non-tech nerds that equates to about 1MB a second... that is pretty quick for over-the-air data!). Will this speed bump work with the iPhone 3G? Well, that remains to be seen...

How to improve your iPhone photos

These week we look at how to improve the pictures that you take with the iPhone. There are apps and numerous articles to help you in this endeavor. Read on to learn more!

iPhone undisputed king of apps?

Um, with 1 billion apps just reached... do I even need to elaborate?

AT&T getting ready to duke it out with the Palm Pre?

There is a leaked AT&T internal document detailing why the iPhone is better then the Pre. AT&T says this document is to educate their sales staff to possible questions about the Pre. Hmm...

App Store reaches 1 Billion app downloads. That is "B"' as in a Billion

Wow. I don't know if there is anything else to say about this...

Phone Different Podcast #37 is now available!

Dieter and Mike discuss all of the recent iPhone news. Listen on the web or subscribe in iTunes!

Bluetooth 3.0 Just announced... in time for iPhone 3?

Hmm, these are suspiciously close together. So why is this a big deal? For starters it basically doubles the data speed of Bluetooth making it much more useful for say, wireless syncing, wireless game playing, you get the idea...

TiPb Picks of the week!

Take a look at what our staff has picked this week for you! From GPS Maps (yes you read that right) to passwords and games. Check it out!

WOW (World of Warcraft) coming to iPhone?

I am not sure about that, but this video looks promising. If it were... I would then have to play, I have some friends that have been bugging me to join for a while. Very tempting...

Apps for Less

Yeah, them prices keep dropin'! Take a look at what is less expensive this week, there are some good ones to like WordFu and Enigmo and BeejiveIM!