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Play the iPhone on your TV!

Well that is what this enterprising developer did with some undocumented functionality of the iPhone. Man, won't Apple just add this peripheral already! I would buy it, wouldn't you?

Will iTunes ever go DRM free?

That was the hope last Tuesday, but it never came to be. Why does the music industry want to punish Apple so?

Who wants to know why Notes don't sync with your iPhone?

I do, I do! It was shown at MacWorld 2007 (well, so was split view mail, but...) during the keynote. Why has it not made it to MobileMe? Is there something waiting for us at MacWorld 2009? New iWork? New MobileMe features? Ah, one can dream.

Review: Case-Mate Leather iPhone Case

Looks like some of you did not like this case :-0 I can only assume there is a silent minority like me that does. In any case, check it out, it isn't that bad!

Sim City coming to iPhone!

One of the classics is coming to iPhone! Pinch and zoom on your city! OMGZ!!!! Well, I am into iPhone gaming, that might explain my enthusiasm...

iPhone copy/paste via a bookmarklet?

Well, that is what it looks like anyway. It is not the answer we have been looking for from Apple, but it might be a good tide me over. Will this be enough for you? For me, I am waiting for the official solution.

App vs App: Stanza versus Classics

Are you into ebooks? Well Casey has a great app v app review to take a look at. I use eReader from the good old Palm days (yeah they made an iPhone version [iTunes Link] and you can even read your old Palm books too) but Stanza is pretty tight. What do you think?

Will it ever end? No Flash or Java for the iPhone; analyst says...

Well, the consensus is that these technologies... for lack of a better word.. blow. Now, I am sure a lot of you will contest this, but I suppose from a technical stand point they do, regardless of how commonplace they are. Heck, even Google doesn't use Flash anymore for YouTube videos...

iTunes App Store updated

This time to show a better layout for apps. I like the new look. If you haven't been there, do it.

Apple says that the iPhone is better than the PSP and DS

Well now. Apple wants you to think of the iPhone as the next level in portable gaming. Well, if you combine sales of the iPhone and iPod Touch, it not only eclipses them, but... the question really is; how good are the games on the iPhone anyway?

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