Every week I will be bringing you what I think are the week’s biggest stories and articles. Let’s get started, after the break!

iPhone Nano?

Well, I know many of us which this was real, but I am on the side betting it is not. The major point being that with the smaller screen, developers would have to modify their games to work properly on it. I am all for a $49 or $99 iPhone like the next guy, but my bet is it is not true. This is something they would have brought out for Christmas.

My bet is Macworld will have the new iWork and iLife suites, Snow Leopard and hardware revisions for the iMac and Mac Mini...

MobileMe Updated

Well, call me bitter, but I would not call this much of an update... I had a mail outage the other day for the WHOLE DAY. Oh well. What did they supposedly fix? Maintenance really, and the 10.5.6 update on OS X is the biggy; MobileMe now syncs within a "Minute" of any changes. Cool!

TiPb Video: Dropship

Yours truly is working on delivering video of a game in the App Store once a week. My first attempt was Dropship. It is hard playing while recording! For future posts, will actually be talking while I play. For now, this, this game is a lot of fun and the retro  look + downloadedable levels make this a deal for $1.99. Though I think it is on sale right now for $99...

Want an iPhone 3G for $150? You you can!

AT&T has just announced that they are selling refurbished iPhone 3G's for $150. That is a GREAT deal. I had to exchange my first generation iPhone a few times at the Apple store for a refurbished unit and they were always practically brand new. If I was in the market for an iPhone... I would probably buy one!

Optimized Google Search from Safari!

What took so long on this? You can now search from the Google search box in Safari and receive optimized iPhone results. The text is now formatted properly for the iPhone's screen and is easily readable. Phone numbers and maps now have accessible finger-links for you to tap which will launch the phone and maps apps respectively. Nice :-)

Review: Jabra BT2070 Bluetooth headset

Looking for a compact and light headset? The Jabra BT2070 might just be for you! I really enjoyed this headset and was pleasantly surprised, read more for all the details!

iPhone to get Konami games!

Wow. This should sound familiar to my post last week about the iPhone as a legit gaming device. Among the games coming out are a shooter-rendition of Metal Gear (bummer!), DDR, Silent Hill (heck yeah!) and, um, Frogger. Ok, Who is buying Frogger? Anyone?

GUI Awesomeness coming to iPhone?

It is possible with the recent leaked announcement that Apple has stakes in Imagination Technologies Group. Apple can use the technology to increase the performance of their iPhone interface and make gaming even better! Whoot!

Sim City for iPhone is out!

My first experience with Sim City was way back when it was on the Super Nintendo. You basically build and maintain your own city. If that is your thing, click to read what it is all about!