Every week I will be bringing you what I think are the week’s biggest stories and articles. Let’s get started, after the break!

Review: Apple In-Ear Headphones

I have been very excited for this pair of headphones! Rene ventured forth and bought a pair. What does he think? Well for one, they are the first pair of in-ear headphones that will actually stay in his ear!

Ballmer --Hearts-- the iPhone

I know it doesn't sound possible, but it's true! Good 'ole Stevie was not a believe in the beginning. He did not think that a $400 would sell... but alas... things are looking a bit differently now, aren't they Steve? Now he admits that the iPhone has "momentum". 

iPhone Nano is coming, but not for the US?

Not sure what to think about this. A cheaper iPhone? Probable. But only available outside of the US? I don't believe. Apple wants more than anything to have deeper market penetration. If true, could this be a sideline from AT&T?

What the Pre stole from Apple and what Apple should steal from the Pre

Rene has a great (albeit lengthy, be prepared) article on what the Palm Pre stole from Apple and what Apple should steal back. I am all for stealing. 

Google How-To: Archiving your Gmail

For those of you using Gmail, you might find this article useful. Eh, never mind, just watch the video.

Converting your library to iTunes+

Have you taken the plunge yet? The process is easy, but is it worth it? Read on and check out the lively comments? Good stuff here!

So what's up with the iTunes variable pricing model?

How did the $.69-$1.29 model come up? Was it a bargaining chip by the record labels to allow over-the-air downloads?

Richard|Solo Battery

Well, the promo code may only be valid till January 30th, but if you are looking for an external battery alternative, look no further than the Richard|Solo series. I have the 1200 version and love it!

Exercise that brain, on the iPhone!

Brian gives us a review from Luminosity's Speed Brain. Want Brain Age for the iPhone, this just might be it...

Twitter and the iPhone in 2009, it's off to a good start!

So where did the first pic of the USAir Flt 1549 crash come from? That would be the iPhone and Twitter! 

How to change your iPhone wallpaper

In our ongoing iPhone 101 series, Rene shows us how to change your wallpaper.

Wow. There has been a lot of apps downloaded from the App Store

15,000 applications and over 500,000 downloads. Makes me wonder when Apple will make an App Store for the Mac, it would make sense...

MMS is now available for the iPhone! In Portugal?

Yes, another carrier has their own app to handle MMS for the iPhone. When oh when will AT&T grant our wishes?

The iPhone Blog LIVE Podcast is now up!

This week is all about Macworld and a little on the Pre. Check it out!

Review: Tweetie

Do you use Twitter? If so, you have to check out this app! I love Twitterrific on the iPhone, but this app blows it out of the water! Read on for reason why this is the best iPhone Twitter app!