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iPhone Prototype in the wild!

It is even being sold on eBay! How do people get a hold of this stuff? Why isn't Apple going after them? Eh, who cares, check out the video!

Quick App: Coffee Buzz

Like coffee? Like Twitter? Then here is an app for you! Find people around you that are drinking coffee and post about it, best of all you can send the updates to Twitter! Have on coffee nerds! Oh wait, that's us...

iPhone 101: Lock your iPhone

I do this and you should do this too. It is really cool: you can set your iPhone to lock after a predetermined about of time. After ten incorrect entries, it wipes your phone! Sweet security baby!

Dilbert loves his smartphone

This is just too funny...

New iPod shuffles with Voice Command!

Wow, didn't see this one coming. I think it is cool, but I would have to try it myself. I bet this functionality will be in the new iPhone 3.0 firmware...

Phone Different Podcast #35 is up!

Take a listent to the latest Phone Different Podcast... you know you want to...

New iTunes is live!

Yeah, it is much faster and the added some new functionality like iTunes DJ. Must download if you haven't yet.

New Metal Gear screens for the iPhone!

Man, I wish this was an action title. Alas, it still look really good! Perhaps since Konami is testing the waters with this title, a true/port will be on its way! I wouldn't mind the PSP game on the iPhone...

What iPhone Firmware are you running?

Well, I am one of those peeps that always keeps up to date and downloads the latest as soon as it is available. Apparently, not everyone does.

iPhone Software 3.0 Live Blog this Tuesday!!!

Oh yeah, we are bloggin' it. Will you be there? I won't, I have meetings. Bummer :-(

SXSW iPhone Round-up 2009!

Some cool stuff was announced this year for iPhone, the main event IMO is Facebook Connect for iPhone. I now have a reason for Flizster... I had no idea so many of my friends already use this service! Sweet!

iPhone Software 3.0 Rumors abound...

This time it is all about copy/paste! I won't spoil it for you, but click to read more...