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iPhone 3.0 Software Walkthrough

Missing what is new with 3.0? Like to see what's up? Rene gives us an excellent walkthough of just what is in iPhone Software 3.0. There are even some gems you didn't know about...

Apple's Bluetooth headset is discontinued!

There is only one explanation; an stereo Bluetooth version must be coming! Or maybe not. I can dream at least. Regardless, I thought it was a good headset. It got better with each hardware revision too.

Gasp! New iPhone hardware to be released in June?

No way! I had no idea! Really, Schiller said this in January. Plz...

Barista for iPhone Giveaway!

That is right! Read on for the details!

What does iPhone Software mean for Gamers?

Lots of good stuff! I mean we have Bluetooth local play, downloadable levels, send messages to friends fro within games, this is awesome!

Facebook Connect... with Scrabble!

I am in love! I play Scrabble all the time on Facebook, now I can take those games with me! Now, with Facebook Connect, I can view, play and create games with my Facebook friends. Gaming on the iPhone has just gone to another level.

Carmack brings Wolfenstein 3D to iPhone

It is good (you can pick it up here) and to think Doom is next! OMGZ! I sure hope they add multiplayer in Doom!

Review: Motorola Pure H15

This is one nice headset! Light, compact and has a cradle! It even sounds great!

Thinking about using iPhone Software 3.0? Think twice!

Rene lays it out pretty clearly; it is slow, buggy and apps may not work.. you were warned. After all, this is a first beta release...

How will Apple handle Push Notifications?

This is a good question. I mean, where there are dozens of alerts coming at ya, how are you supposed to manage them when in the current OS you HAVE to act on each alert... interesting indeed Apple...

The iPhone Blog Phone Different Podcast #36

The new podcast is available! Give a listen as Rene and Dieter discuss the Pre and iPhone software 3.0 comparisons.

Skype coming to iPhone?

Why isn't this out already? Hmm...

Mobile Safari 3.0.. Supa Fast Yo!

Wow, benchmarks have it coming in from 3X-16X faster then Safari in 2.2.1. What does this mean for us? Lots' O iPhone web browsing Joy!

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