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iPhone is the most reliable smartphone. No, really?

It's true what they say! Looks like the iPhone is really the most reliable smartphone beating out tough competition like Windows Mobile, Palm and wait for it.... BlackBerry! I guess that really says something for using one of those, you know, "modern" operating systems...

Interview with Avantar

This interview brings up some really good points about how mobile technology has really changed our landscape with location-based tools. Read on for more!

Who is number one? iPhone, that's who!

Yup, move over Motorola, your 4 year old Razr is taking a backseat to the iPhone according to NPD numbers. This continues to amaze me. The iPhone essentially comes in one model on one carrier, yet continues to out sell everyone. Awesome.

When is iPhone firmware 2.2 coming, Nov. 21?

One can dream. The Internets are reporting that this Friday we could see the fabled 2.2 release of Apple's new firmware for the iPhone. Personally, I am looking to OTA podcasts and Google Street view. What are you looking forward to?

I want to tether, I want to tether...

But not for $30 a month! That is what the rumor mill is saying. Honestly, I have spoken to some local AT&T folks and they agree with this assertion. Man, I would pay $10 more a month, but $30? To be fair this is the price for other devices, so the iPhone is not getting unfairly pegged. Are you going to pay $30 for this?

App vs App: Air Mice

Check out our comparison of Air Mice: Air Mouse versus Snatch. We chose Snatch, but could a killer update for Air Mouse be around the corner? Read on for more!

Costco getting in on a little iPhone action?

The iPhone could be coming to Costco for the low, low price of $149! That is what an analyst is saying. Then again, I predict an Apple tablet is coming next year. Who's right? Only time will tell.

Google web search now optimized for the iPhone!

Well, not from Safari, but from the Google webpage on the iPhone. Oh well, it's progress, right? To be fair, Google says that they are working on optimized results from the Google search bar in Safari. 

Gaming on the iPhone takes on the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP!

Man, I really think that Apple might succeed in this market. I mean, everyone is going to own an iPhone eventually, so why not? Steve goes on to say that a couple of reasons it will be a successful game console is because it will always be in your pocket and the amazing touch controls. I agree, I have seen some snippits of some really cool 1st person shooters and one of my favorite racing games Raging Thunder [iTunes Link] just got Internet based multiplayer! It is fun, but a little buggy, but an excellent first endeavor! 

The iPhone Blog Live: Podast!

Yup, we cranked out episode #2. This time the audio and video actually worked. Take a listen [Subscribe in iTunes]!

Apple's new in-ear headphones to ship soon

Let's hope so! I owned Apple's original in ear headphones and enjoyed them a lot. I think the iPod Nano just got an update to support them, let's wait and see!

Google's advanced voice search for iPhone!

Man, this is really exciting! Speak into your iPhone and get weather, locations, movies, you name it! It is an enhancement to Google's Mobile App. Arriving in the app store soon. Hmm, where is the G1 version...

Say it ain't so: the iPhone almost ran Linux!

Whoa. Granted, OS X is Apple's own flavor of Linux for all intensive purposes, but we aren't talking OS X Linux, we are talking vanilla Linux. Yuck. I am glad this battle of the wills panned out the way it did. What am I talking about? Read the article to learn more!

Citrix on the iPhone!

I can't wait for this to become a reality! I already use VNC and Remote Access to control my Mac and PC Laptop from my iPhone, but to have direct access to Citrix would be nice!

Office Web coming to iPhone?

If it does, it won't be for a while. In the meantime I am looking forward to Documents to Go for the iPhone. Although, Microsoft was rumored to be creating an Office native app for the iPhone. could they have ditched it in lieu of a web-based alternative? 

Apple making their own search engine?

Eh, probably not. I mean, Apple can't do everything. However, what they are probably working on is a new interface for search. When could we see something like this? Only time will tell...

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