A Farewell to iPhone Bob

Some of you on the TiPb Forums have shown some concern over Nelson and the iPhone 3GS tour video. Our question is -- what ever happened to iPhone Bob?

Bob Borchers, if you weren't familiar with the name, starred in the original iPhone and iPhone 3G tour videos on the Apple website.

Well it pains me to say this but according to the WSJ Bob has left Apple to join venture-capital firm, Opus Capital.

Bob, a former executive at Nokia, Nike, and Apple (since 2004, working on the iPod and iPhone) said he enjoyed his time with Apple but the venture capitalists at Opus have given him an opportunity he simply could not pass up.

TiPb and many of your fans will miss you greatly! (It's really a shame you can't take Nelson with you...)

Good luck Bob!

IM Staff

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