How much has the iPhone camera improved over the years?

Camera+ has thrown together some great comparison photos depicting just how much the iPhone camera has improved over the years.

The comparison photos really speak for themselves, and the difference is especially noticeable with the iPhone 4S photos when compared to older models. They even go on to compare with more expensive DSLR cameras for reference. As expected, from the original iPhone to the latest iPhone 4S model, the camera quality has obviously improved immensely.

Feel free to drop into our iPhone 4S pictures forum for even more evidence of how well the iPhone 4S camera performs.

Source: Camera+ via Gizmodo

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  • Wow, I can't believe how horrible the Original iPhone's Camera was..
  • They took the pictures from close enough to the subject (the keys) that a focus mechanism is required with a macro choice probably being even better. This makes a great way to show what cameras have close focus but it would have been a better test to include pictures of subjects at more normal distances. Maybe include some challenges such as dim lighting also.
  • I should have gone to Camera+ and scrolled down before my comment - the cityscapes are a great challenge that does not work to any single fault (like the lack of a focus mechanism in the older iPhones).
  • N8 camera is still the best and the gs2 camera is also very good
  • naw man engadget has a ton of comparison shots and video. The N8 is not on par with the GS2 or the 4S. Framerate issues in the video and the pictures look dry. GS2 was a close second, video may actually have looked better at times on the GS2.
  • That explains why my photos looks terrible... I have the 3G, lol.
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    The camera tests are severely flawed though and the site (camera+) appears to be an ad disguised as journalism.
    Read the comments on the article there if you want to know what I mean.
  • Apple said it may be the only camera you'll ever need. I've done lots of tests myself. It's a super phone camera, but 8 mega pixels are nothing compared to my 6 mp Canon SLR. The iPhone and no phone will ever replace a decent camera unless it has an SLR lens on it. End of.
  • They really improved the quality of cameras over the period .
  • They really improved the quality of cameras over the period .