iPhone at CES 2010 Update -- What About Macworld?

With Apple announcing that Macworld 2009 would be its last, rumors began to fly that maybe CES 2010 would get Steve Jobs' attention instead. TiPb still isn't buying that -- given Apple's stated reasons, it makes no more sense for them than Macworld.

However, now word comes that iLounge has begun working with the CEA (the organization behind CES) to create an iPhone (and iPod) "iLounge Pavilion" at CES as a rallying and gathering point for exhibitors -- perhaps in lieu of Macworld 2010.

iLounge seems to feel this is necessary to help proactively preserve and project forward the iPhone and iPod community given the perhaps uncertain future of Macworld.

Macworld (the magazine, not expo, though they share the same parent company) editor Jason Snell, however, on Twitter expressed concern that iLounge might have crossed a line beyond merely being proactive.

Hearts and souls are likely still hoping for a strong and vibrant Macworld next year, but are pragmatic minds and wallets turning more towards CES? And what lines should -- or shouldn't -- be crossed when it comes to media (new or old) covering events, or each other, while having or making alliances with competitive events?

Rene Ritchie

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