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iPhone vs Android, Palm, BlackBerry in MOTO Touchscreen Test Part 2: Robots!

The MOTO Development Group is back with another round of capacitive touchscreen tests. This time they have stepped up their game by using robots to ensure the accuracy of the results. MOTO even tossed in a few extra handsets such as the Palm Pre and Blackberry Storm 2 for good measure.

You may remember that the original test that saw the iPhone take top honors. However some of you out there cried foul because of the fact a human finger was used in the tests. Hopefully this particular test helps put that all to rest as once again.

Now TiPb won't spoil all of the results for you (as if we could!) but wait until you see what happened to the Moto Droid, ouch...

Full video after the break!

[MOTO via Engadget]

  • The music is kinda spooky and sleepy at the same time.
  • Damn flash
  • i have<a href="">moto g</a> and its the best phone ever in cheap price range you cannot have a better deal
  • Jeremy, on the MOTO website they have a link to video on YouTube which would have worked on the iPhone. Just a heads up! :)
  • Thanks JBaby, I swapped it in for him!
  • iPhones the best as always ....
  • I agree i-phones are the best as always. I am using I-phone 3gs.
    The touch screen catches the eye and you’ll be blown away by its explicit quality. It has seriously exceeded my expectations. Certainly superior in terms of touch screen response and it has awesome email and video apps. I believe the specification is arguable the highlight of this i- phone. I wish if they would added radio to it as well, however, I would heartily recommend this.
  • This is great. People hate on the iPhone and Apple but you have to admit their attention to detail and quality is unmatched in the industry.
  • I agree with otangensaft people are seen blaming on iPhones n apple coz ... By now they have lots users but I take it as if it's peoples behavior to make complains for whatever they get ..... People you all have to agree now that iPhone has the best touch screen n I hav experienced for the last one year .... N it is still an unmatched device ....
  • I live how the droid did terrible. iPhone killer? Meh, in a world of doesn't, Droid doesn't either.
    My co worker switched from a 3gs to a droid because of AT&T Constantly dropping calls in his area... And boy not a day goes by where he Doesn't miss the iPhone and while he credits the droid on some things, he says the overall comparison and experience is not even close to what he once had with his 3gs.
  • I love how the droid did terrible*
  • droid and blackberry sucked
  • iDon't have an inferior touch screen like the Droid.
  • I really don't understand this ihate. Customer satisfaction reports, screen comparisons, app reviews, show that apple is holding their own and in some places excelling, but there is a disproportionate amount of hate coming from people who seem generally pissed off that apple is doing well or that people like their phones. To hate a product like that so much seems really petty and sad.
  • I was just using my Garmin the other day, and the touch screen was SOOO damn frustrating. It's made me begin considering an iPhone GPS app (which I've been totally against because of the smaller screen, and having the rest of the device unavailable).
  • iDont do somethings!!! Ha ha ha ha!!! iDont want a Droid. 
  • Hes right about the hitting a small target in a browser. I always wonder how the screen is able to know exactly what link I want to press without zooming in, especially if there are a few link around it.
    Its surprising how the robot exposed more faults in the other phones and exposed how good the iPhone screen is.
  • The average user does not hate on the the iPhone. The hate spewed about Apple and the iPhone are primarily from small minority of wanna be tech geeks who use linux command lines to mount a CD ROM because it makes them feel intellectually superior. I'm not talking about those of us who truly understand IT and that it's purpose in corporate America is to develop cutting edge technology that even your grandmother can use. Anyone can create software that's hard for the general public to use. Us old guys that've been in the biz for a long time know that to become a hero with technology, you make it powerful and easy to use. That's what the great minds at Apple have done with nearly every product they've produced.
    Easy to use does NOT equate to dumb down devices. If someone (script kiddies) really wants to hack their phone to pieces and put their personal touches to it, which BTW generally equate to custom icons and backgrounds (whoopee) then by all means they should pickup an android device and go to town. As for me, I have more important work to do than to sit around all day jerking around with my smartphone. I'd rather do something productive like create and sell a new app or game for them.
    They can hate on Apple all they want but they'll still be here pumping out innovative new iPhones long after Android smartphones have taken their place next to the plethora of Linux OS's as a hobby instead of a mainstream piece of software.
  • @Evilhomer:
    I agree.
    The other Apple haters are primarily Apple newcomers (Windows, Linux users) whose first Apple product was an iPhone. Now, being twenty years late to the party, they want to redecorate. But, big surprise to them, Apple has always been Apple. Their way of doing business hasn't changed since Jobs came back in the 90s. Yet these people are convinced Apple is going to suddenly die if they don't welcome everyone's freakware and junk with "openness" arms.
    They shouldn't have bought their iPhones if chaos is what they're seeking.
  • When will you Apple fanboys stop jerking off to a piece of plastic?
  • iPhone owners who are constantly trying to find out which phone is better are obviously feeling like their phone is inferior. If you like your iPhone, great. If you like your Droid, cool. iPhone was the coolest phone 2 years ago, but there are new contenders in the market now and I don't think iPhone owners like that. I don't understand why people go to these lengths to say "AH MY PHONE IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD!" Seriously.
  • This an important video. Proves that apple is top
  • Sure am glad I'm not drawing pictures on my Droid. Seriously, does this test realistically relate to the functionality of a touch screen? For drawing pictures yes, for actual real life usage ...doubt it. Yes I have a Droid and can honestly say the touch screen serves me perfectly well. I also own an Ipod touch and I do not see any advantage while using it. Not bashing any device here, just saying this test has no realistic substance.
  • iPhone versus Android.
    Pick your favorite and see if you're on the winning team!
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