iPhone Dev Camp 2: August 1-3

Want to develop apps for the iPhone? Sad that WWDC is sold out? You're just in luck, the iPhone Dev Camp 2 is scheduled for August 1-3, 2008 in the Adobe Systems offices in San Francisco, California. A follow up to the original iPhone Dev Camp with one obvious new twist, the SDK.

A not-for-profit effort focused on the development of apps on the iPhone, it also hopes to migrate Mac OS X apps to the iPhone. Though they are well aware of the NDA that Apple has in place on the iPhone, they are hopeful that Apple will lift the NDA after the public launch of the App Store.

Over that August weekend, Cocoa Touch developers, web developers, UI designers, and testers will be working together in app development. If you are interested in attending the project, feel free to click the Read Link!