iPhone Developer Program Licence Leaks! "Need to update this for the 27th Launch"

First it was McGraw-Hill on CNBC, and now it's Apple's own iPhone Developer Program leaking iPhone-relevance about tomorrow's "Come see our latest creation" event with the text "Place holder Agreement -- Need to update this for the 27th launch"

Will the iPhone agreement cover an iTablet/iSlate/iPad SDK as well? Will the iTablet be running the iPhone OS as rumored? Will iPhone 3.2 or iPhone 4.0 (or both) be announced for developer beta? Will there be no end to pre-event leaks?!

Rene Ritchie

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  • so this means it that by "27th launch" its saying it will be on sale on the 27th>? :) hope so!!!!!!!!!
    ohhh and 1st!
  • If it really is using the iPhone OS, I hope its not the same old "app launcher" UI we have right now on the iPhone.
  • Oh and I can see it now... JAILBROKEN iSlate/iTablet/iPads.
  • If apple came out with an iSlave tommorow ill buy it lol
  • I'm with iSurf on this one, if it comes out tomorrow I will probably buy one. I've been in the market for an e-reader for sometime now and this is the perfect device coupled with it will be a tremendous help in my field.
    Oh yes, as long as it is priced between $500/$700 I'll buy one.
  • 500/700 is wishful thinking. It needs to be more expensive than other netbooks because if it isn't then it won't seem as "better"
  • And Rene, if your reading, I wonder if this will call for an islateblog.com?? Hosted by you? Unnecessary?? I think not??
  • I have to imagine with the iTablet confirmed having iPhone OS, iPhone will have a non-Jailbreak way to multitask 3rd party apps
  • What if they call it the applet...
  • ...it could stand for apple tablet, and if it runs iphone OS it would thus run apps...hence applet
  • So does anyone think we'll have the 4.0 SDK and an IPSW immediately after launch?
  • Bloody hope so.
  • I´m ready to install the beta :)
  • its reaay so nice i am interesed to work on this thank you.............
  • I totally missed this. Just joined the dev program yesterday and downloaded the sdk. A friend and I are going to create an app, but I'm almost more excited to be getting betas of new os's. =]
  • 4.0 sounds good and all but i really dont see what could possibly be that much better than a currently jailbroken device. So much options as it is.