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iPhone Dev-Team Unlock Video

Ok, in case you have been missing all of the iPhone 3G unlock talk lately, the Dev-Team yesterday previewed their unlock software for all of us to see.

It will be available to anyone who wants it (and is still running the original base band!) on New Years Eve. Until then let the video above fill your craving! Enjoy!


  • sweet to bad im on 2.2
    so are the new phones also on 2.2 or are they 2.0?
  • They are on 2.2...
    This is gonna be useless. Even if it is hacked the t-mobile 3g doesnt work on it, and then your stuck with t-mobiles crappy service.. Waste of time.
    Dev team focus your efforts on jail-breaking for now.
  • Awesome! This is great if you are traveling international and can get you phone to work with other carriers. Looking forward to 2009 :)
  • Hi! Is MobileTerminal the right terminal emulator to use?..and how? thanks