Updated: iPhone Firmware 2.0.2 Download Error? (-3256)

UPDATE: Fourth time was the charm! Download finished quickly and update took under 10 minutes. What's in it so far? Commenter Sarah Healey, below, says support for the additional carriers coming on line this week, which we should have expected (thanks!), Craig Hockenberry on the Twitter says an iPod Touch/Xcode glitch was corrected for devs, and iLounge says "update all" is gone from the App Store. Oh, and, some 3G bugs might have been squashed...

No sooner had Dieter broken the story about the immanent iPhone 2.0.2 firmware drop, then I tried to download the sucker and update. And got nothing because Dieter had said 5pm and it was only 4:45. D'oh. Tried again at 5pm. Still nothing. 5:09, however, and BOOM! Update engines fired on full. 248.7MB of "Bug Fix" goodness began to flow down my slow, expensive, likely throttled Canadian cable pipe.

Or so I hoped. Seems the Lords of Kobol hate me. (Or at least the Lords of Cupertino as transfered by the intertubes and, ultimately, Videotron). My download generated an unknown error (-3256).

Tried again, same result.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Rene Ritchie

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