Steve Jobs iPhone

It wouldn't be polite for TiPb to proclaim our signature device, Apple's iPhone, the gadget of the decade -- but luckily we don't have to as it's one of the more common memes circulating the 'net as we pass from the 00's to the 10's.

Sure, the Treo smartphone came first, as did Apple's original iPod, but arguably no device converged so many technologies of the last decade so elegantly, or coalesced more of Apple's own strategies, as the iPhone. If the 2000s were about going from portable to mobile, then the iPhone certainly made the mobile mainstream.

From phone to internet to media to computing, from OS X to iPod to iTunes to iTunes store to Apple Retail to Apple Online to MobileMe to iLife and back again, the iPhone brought so much together so simply that it certainly makes and obvious candidate.

What do you think? Is the iPhone the gadget of the last decade? And if not, what was?