iPhone HD (iPhone 4G) vs Droid Incredible vs EVO 4G vs Nexus One spec showdown!

Yes, it's completely useless and quasi pornographic to compare prototype and rumored specs for unannounced, unfinished devices like the iPhone HD (iPhone 4G) with specs from real, announced, and shipping or shipped devices like the Verizon Droid Incredible, Sprint EVO 4G, and Google Nexus One. But it's damn fun.

We've gone over the design, given our thoughts on the hardware, so now check out the above graphic for just such a spec showdown. Yup, Android Central's epic army (as composed by the one and only Phil Nickinson) goes one-on-one with the magical unicorn that might just be Apple's next iPhone. Network, operating system, screen sizes, processors, memory, storage, data speed, MicroSD, rear camera, video recording, front camera, second mic, Adobe Flash support, Bluetooth, WiFi, MiFI-like hotspot, GPS, FM radio, TV-out, size, weight, battery, price, and SIM card support are all covered.

So get your geek on, click up top, and let us know how you think these devices stack up!

Rene Ritchie

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