iPhone HD Rumors: Next Gen iPhone has "Improved Screen"?

TiPb predicted an iPhone HD way back in October of last year. We've also covered the idea that iPhone 3.0, perhaps only in conjunction with new hardware, will finally give us some much-wanted video-shooting, editing, and sharing goodness. Business Week, however, amid worrying about Hulu and iTunes, snuck in this little nugget about both of the above:

A person familiar with Apple's plans says it's simple to record and edit stunningly sharp video with the device—and then wirelessly send it to friends with a few clicks or watch it on the phone's improved screen.

Okay, so maybe they're just fixing the color temperature again. Maybe they're going OLED. Or maybe we really will see an 800x480 iPhone HD announced at WWDC? Can June seem any further away?!

Rene Ritchie

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