iPhone Invades Stanford University

A while back TUAW reported that an iPhone programming course was being created. Well that course became a reality and they now have 80 students signed up and ready to start developing killer apps this fall. Along with the programming course, Stanford has designed a project that contains a series of apps for their students... The Stanford iApps Project. These apps are currently in beta testing and should be in the App Store soon.


blockquote>A suite of five software applications developed by students is now being tested on campus. Two of them, for managing course registration and bills, are intended for students. The other three will allow access to Stanford's searchable campus map, get team scores and schedules, and check listings in the university's online directory, StanfordWho.

All of this makes me want to go back to college all over again. A class for developing iPhone apps, a series of apps on my iPhone for me to use just to make my learning experience that much better? Where do I sign up?

Steve would be so proud.

[Via TUAW]

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