iPhone Live 137 - We can hear you now!

Rene and Georgia talk Verizon iPhone launch, battling TV commercials, iPhone 5 rumors, HPs new phones and Nokia's burning platform, the greenpois0n Jailbreak, Angrier Birds, and we give away an iPhone! The is iPhone Live!

Show notes and the week in iPhone after the break!

Verizon iPhone

  • Verizon iPhone 4 most successful first day sales in Verizon history
  • Verizon iPhone now available for order online
  • Walmart will carry Verizon iPhone 4 starting Feb. 10
  • Poll: Are you ordering a Verizon iPhone today?
  • New Verizon iPhone commercial hammers home the network
  • AT&T fires back at Verizon with simultaneous voice and data commercial
  • TiPb Answers: Verizon iPhone, antennagate, and death-touch vs. death-grip
  • Verizon iPhone tear-down — could have been a world phone!

iPhone 5

  • WWDC 2011, iPhone 5, iOS 5 GM to be announced June 5-9?

The competition

  • HP (not Palm!) announces Veer, Pre3, webOS 3.0 TouchPad
  • New Nokia CEO offers brutally honest assessment of their post-iPhone future


Tips and How to


  • Angry Birds update brings 15 new levels, Super Bowl commercial will bring special level
  • Angry Birds Seasons for iPhone, iPad gets a Valentine’s Day update
  • Google launches native Google Translate app for iPhone
  • Top 5 iPhone apps for Droid/Android switchers
  • Top 5 iPhone apps for BlackBerry switchers



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