iPhone Live 143: Mic envy

Rene, Georgia, and Mickey Papillon, the Cell Phone Junkie, discuss more iPhone 5 rumors, iOS 4.3.1 bug fixes, the AT&T T-Mobile buyout and what it means for iPhone, when will we get LTE, AT&T's war on Jailbreak tethering, lawsuits, Google, #dickbar, and more! This is iPhone Live!

Show notes and all the week's iPhone news after the break!


  • White Diamonds artistic crystal cases for iPhone and iPad [Give away]

iPhone 5

  • iPhone 5 NFC: Yes, no, maybe so?!
  • More iPhone 5 metal back, 4-inch screen, NFC rumors

iOS 4.3.1

  • iOS 4.3.1 coming within 2 weeks?


  • UPDATED: AT&T acquiring T-Mobile US, what does it mean for iPhone?
  • AT&T to use T-Mobile spectrum for LTE
  • UPDATED: AT&T cracking down on jailbroken MyWi users?
  • More on AT&T’s war on Jailbreak tethering
  • Second AT&T iPhone 4 commercial again shows off simultaneous voice and data


  • Apple release three new “if you don’t have an iPhone…” ads
  • Apple’s new iPhone ads should be called App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks Store
  • Head of Mac OS X software, Bertrand Serlet is leaving Apple
  • Apple to extend AirPlay video streaming licence to third parties?
  • Microsoft announces remote device management… for iPhone and iPad?
  • Apple sues Amazon over App Store trademark, Microsoft sues B&N over Android
  • Sony Xperia Play videos get NSFW on iPhone!


  • Google updates Latitude and Places apps, check-ins now included
  • Controversy over the Apple approved ‘Anti-Gay app’
  • Angry Birds Rio for iPhone, iPad released!
  • TiPb Asks: What Twitter app are you using for your iPhone?



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