iPhone and MobileMe: Apple's Picks for Getting Your Best Pics

More a cameo than a starring role, never the less the iPhone and MobileMe feature in Apple's latest marketing campaign "Get the most from your Mac: Our picks for getting your best pics":

Let friends download full-resolution images. Enjoy your own online gallery where you can share photos and videos. Let friends download your photos and upload their best shots. You can even publish and view photos directly from your iPhone. Visit a live sample gallery now.

While thin on iPhone overall, it does showcase the incredible ecosystem Apple has plugged the iPhone into, including Mac's for photo editing and organization, printing services for books, calendars, etc. sharing online and to devices from Apple TV in the living room to MobileMe online and iPhone and iPod on the go, and back up solutions like Time Capsule.

That 360 degrees of integration is one of Apple's -- and the iPhone's -- greatest strengths and one smartphone-only manufacturers have no short-term way of matching.

Rene Ritchie

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