iPhone "Net Applications" Market Share Still Booming

Confession: We don't have any idea where Net Applications really gets their numbers from either. Ars Technica says they:

Collect [web metrics] data from an "exclusive on-demand network of live stats customers" compiled from some "160 million visitors per month"

But they could just as soon be reading runes or casting the bones. However they get them, if we can assume it's a consistent measure, then iPhone is still on the rise, going from just under 0.2 in July to hitting 0.3 in August. Doesn't sound particularly big? Well, it confirms the numbers Casey cited last week, and its out of all operating systems everywhere, and it's for tiny little MobileSafari.

In other words, in the very big pond, our tiny 3G fish is putting on some serious weight.

Rene Ritchie

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