iPhone Out of Stock

So the internets are exploding thanks to a Consumerist article that involved not being able to order an iPhone in New York City via AT&T's website.

AT&T has apparently found a workable solution to the reported data congestion in New York City. They've quietly stopped selling the iPhone to customers in the New York metropolitan area, at least from their web site.

TechCrunch doesn't seem to be having too much trouble finding them and simply suggests AT&T's online system pulls from a different warehouse and seems to be out of stock in the area:

So if you really want to buy an iPhone in New York City, go to an AT&T store, or an Apple Store. Or try Apple’s website. That seems to be taking orders for New York City residents just fine ( I got up to the checkout).

TiPb contacted AT&T PR and got the following, which we're grateful for given the holidays, the weekend, and the late hour, though it is a tad on the cryptic side:

"We periodically modify our promotions and distribution channels."

Hopefully the dust will settle and either the NYC iPhone ordering system will get replenished, or something more concrete will come from AT&T.

UPDATE: MediaMemo is saying AT&T has halted online purchases of new iPhones in order to prevent fraud. So, if you want a new iPhone in NYC, you have to walk into an AT&T or Apple store and get one. However they don't believe that makes a whole lot of sense either.

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Update 2 from Dieter: I mentioned this story to the folks that run <a href="http://store.theiphoneblog.comiMore Store and they said that they have experienced'waves' of fraud from the NYC area over the years, necessitating increased scrutiny on every order destined for the Big Apple. Refusing to sell anything to New Yorkers is an extreme and extremely bad solution, but it's not out of the realm of possibility that it's a solution to a real problem. So either AT&T is lying about their incompetence about running a network or telling the truth about their incompetence about running an online store.

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