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iPhone OS 4 beta 4: New wallpapers galore!

With iPhone OS 4 beta 4 Apple has brought over some of the iPad wallpapers and introduced a few new ones, all seemingly focused on livening up the home screen without being too visually distracting. Natural textures and muted patterns get an obvious focus here with stones, rocks, and textiles front and center.

And yes, you can still set backgrounds independently for the lock screen and home screen.

See TiPb's full iPhone OS 4 preview and fea

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Rene Ritchie

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  • I decided to wait until a new version of itunes is released before upgrading again, does anyone know how long beta 3 last before you are forced to update the software?
  • are wallpapers for homescreen coming to the iPhone3G?
  • Wow new wallpapers. How about some new text and email tones. I think that would be more appriciated considering we can get whatever wall paper we want off the Internet.
  • Yeah new email sounds. Why the hell does it cheer when it sends an email?
  • I will take all updates from Apple. But this one is the most unimportant one at this time. I swear these 6 sounds for SMS is enough to drive you insane. I've switched them so many times that I hear them in my sleep with my phone off. I honestly believe not giving new ones was on purpose. Just so that people would instantly think iPhone. So iPhones are on the minds of people who don't even have one. Enough is enough already.
  • You really late on the news today Rene...
    That was sooooooo yesterday 
  • I didn't hear it yesterday Rene, thanks buddy!
  • in other news...two gay ppl are sentenced to 10 years in prison!!! this world is ca-ra-zy!!
    oh yeah..nice wallpapers.
  • hahah i didnt know the word g a y was a censored word. gay gay gay gay hahaha
  • Lack of a true library of customizable sounds for SMS and email is what drove me to jailbreak my phone. If Apple will deliver on that, in addition to the other things they announced at the OS4 announcement, I'd be less inclined to jailbreak again.
  • Who actually cares about wallpapers? New sound options are what people areblooking for!
  • I want some new SMS tones or voicemail tone too man people in the office with an iPhone also many games use the voicemail tone and it confusing dang it.
  • I would rather not have those wallpapers as it takes up memory. I can get my own wallpapers.
  • Wow wallpapers. Who would have thought? My first cell phone, which was a nextel that was the size of a brick had this capability. You fanboys eat out of the palms of their hands.
  • You have shed a ray of sunshine into the forum. Tankhs!
  • Wallpapers? Common! Weekview for the Calendar, To do´s, SMS Quick Reply, Homescreen, Shortcuts (SBSETTINGS)...
  • Wow people r thrilled with petty crap like this ? Smfh
  • This is already possible with jailbreaking... are only pre-loaded wallpapers allowed or can you use a custom one? If not, then this is on the right track but still not anything special.
  • I can get wallpapers anytime anywhere. I want new text sounds
  • I bow down humbly in the presence of such greatenss.
  • People are quite patetic this days, all over the net: iphone has new wallpapers... I've wet my self.
  • eww. pink camo?
  • Why would I want a distracting wallpaper 80% hidden behind icons? The first thing I did when I bought my latest MacBook Pro was change the Desktop background to black. Sleek and beautiful.
  • I can live with the sounds but all I'd want is some nice azz themes. I mean if they sold themes for my iPhone in the app store I'd be all over it so I could make my phone look unique without having to jailbreak it. Give me some of that and I'd be ecstatic.
  • Where to download the preloaded wallpapers?
  • Well, the new IOS 4 is very amazing with all its features.But there is still problem, It's not upgrading easily.I tried many times, it's not going through. Has anybody upgraded yet?. If Yes, Can you give me the Scoop Pls?
  • Does anyone know where you can get the previous firmware wallpapers since some of them are gone
  • Sometimes adding your own photos to make free wallpaper for your iPhone 4 sounds to be a good idea.
  • Where are the ones w/ the pink roses? There are two of them and I am searching EVERYWHERE!!