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iPhone OS 4 is now iOS 4, coming June 21

As part of the iPhone 4 introduction today at WWDC 2010, Apple's Steve Jobs announced a name change for the operating system that powers an increasing number of their mobile devices -- goodbye iPhone OS, hello iOS. And it's coming June 21.

Base features are what we saw at the sneak peak event -- and have detailed in way too much detail already in our walkthrough -- except for the FaceTime (i.e. video chat/calling) feature.

GDGT says cisco owns that trademark, much like they owned iPhone in 2007. It looks a bit weird to me still, and I'm fairly sure the iMac isn't running it, so it will take some getting used to. For Apple to use iPhone 4 for the phone name, however, they needed something more distinct for the OS.

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Rene Ritchie
Rene Ritchie

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  • Will Cisco sue for iOS rights??
  • I don't think so. There may be some posturing, but no one's going to confuse Cisco's router's OS with the iPhone's.
  • Even if they did, Apple has shown in the past, both with Apple Music and with Cisco itself, that they simply do not care. They will plow ahead, invite the other company to sue them, and then -- eventually -- pay them off.
    Jobs famous "Change your name. No big deal" email applies to other companies, not to Apple.
  • iOS sure beats the alternative pOS.
  • Yeah, they had to change the name sooner or later. It's not just for iPhone anymore. Nilay Patel from Engadget called this on a podcast a few months ago.
  • So we still can't customize the look in any way, we still have to navigate endless menus to switch simple stuff that needs managing throughout the day like bluetooth, network, WiFi, etc. that need to go on/off (why on earth won't they have one app with all those switches), etc. Stupid.
  • Will iOS4 be available for the iPad on June 21 also? Seems like I remember reading that it wouldn't be available for the iPad until the Fall.
  • I didn't hear anything to the different here.
  • All these naming irregularities remind me of the way windows names OS's. Lol.
  • It appears that Apple actually approached Cisco and licensed the use of the name:
    kudos to both companies for working it out beforehand and outside of the courtroom.
  • URL was mangled...blty condensed one:
  • iOS 4 Will be available only for iPhone or it Will be available on iPad too?
  • @(Copy of) Dev:
    "It appears that Apple actually approached Cisco and licensed the use of the name:"
    Looks like Apple learned their lesson this time. Good for them that they worked it out "before" going public.
  • I don't like iOS but I like it better than iPhone OS. It is a clearer distinction between the device and the OS.