iPhone pre-orders bring down Apple Online Store

Looks like Apple's hype machine has once again succeeded in building interest for iPhone 4 to the degree that -- it's brought down the Apple Online Store. Taken down earlier tonight and brought back with iPhone 4 pre-orders, it was quickly overwhelmed.

Now it's down again, with Apple hopefully getting its server ducks in a row this time, especially for countries with multiple carriers like the UK where you can buy iPhone 4 completely unlocked if price is no object (£499 for 16GB, £599 for 32GB).

Don't hold your breath for a white option to come back with the store, however. That seems to condemned to late summer and later adopters.

If you see the Apple Online Store coming back up before we do, let us know!

Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • Disappointed about the absence of the white iPhone 4. Steve, please step up!
  • I'm just upset that Apple never announced there would be no white for pre-order. I think that's deceitful and wouldn't expect it from Apple.
  • You would have thought they would see this coming...
  • I'm more disappointed that I can't even order a phone from Apple. If your website is down from pre-orders, you blew it.
  • Looks like AT&T is down also...
  • No white iPhone + site down = fail. Apparently Apple is a brand new company that hasn't done pre-orders for anything before.
  • Holy SCSI drive Batman! It was up at 5:30am CST and is down at 6:30am CST. I guess their WIFI network isn't the only thing that can't handle large amounts of traffic.
  • So are we able to order via AT&T and pick up at an AT&T store? That's what I would prefer to do (since the AT&T store is closer) but when I go to AT&T's website, I can't find any way to pre-order the iPhone 4. Very frustrating; I thought this would be a smoother process.
  • Arggggg! This is the most frustrating thing ever! And ATT is down too!
    At least this means iphone 4 is going to beat android in sales.
  • Also, where's my e-mail, Apple? I signed up for iPhone 4 pre-order notifications, and I never received one saying pre-orders are open.
  • I was able to see black and white iPhone4s for preorder at AT&T before I got derailed into checking my listed mailing address.
  • I managed to snag two of them from AT&T online before their site went down. It did not give me the option to pick up from a store. Only free next day FEDEX shipping. It says it will arrive by the 24th.
  • Apple.com US is back up!
  • it's bakc but att is still not showing the freakin phone on their site.
  • It's 4 am and I guess I'm way late to the party. The ATT website doesn't even offer the iphone 4 as a option for upgrade and the Apple website is down. #@!%^&*!
  • Stewardess: "We are about a million miles off course and bumps you feel are asteroids smashing against the hull of the ship"
    Passengers: "Oh"
    Passenger: "Miss, are you telling us everything?"
    Sterwardess: "The Apple store is down for iPhone 4 preorders."
    Passengers:"Arrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" (chaos)
  • mean while @ Apple head quarters: sure thing boys, the servers have crashed! Ha ha ha, our plan is working perfectly! Let the poor humans think that there is a high demand for our phone, let them refresh there browsers endlessly in front of there computers! Let them wait in line, oh wait! Did you send out the report claiming that there will be NO white iPhone!? Yes, yes boss we did.... Good job! Ha ha ha ha ha
  • Shhh amy! You gonna get it shut down again LOL
  • You lol'd -- but it's dead again. I can only blame myself. lol
  • Apple US is back up but they're showing the white one and saying it's not available for pre-order or in-store pickup! So just the black!
  • ugh there down again!! and they was just uppp
  • It's up. We'll see how long it lasts.
  • The site is working
  • Apple's website wouldn't work as early as 4:00am in NYC. I tried to order three times and it would never complete. I gave up and ordered it from AT&T's website with no problem.
  • I wouldn't say the site is 'working'...more like it's available. However, once you get to 'Add To Cart', you're stuck...
  • It's that fwd facing camera that has us busting down servers!
  • And it's back down!
  • the apple store is down again!!! -__-
  • Yes, it's crashed again.
  • What is wrong with these effers... you think they would have this figured out after 3 years.
  • Ha ha ha! My plan is working they are going nuts!!
  • Its working again. Just ordered!
  • Arrrgggghhh. Keep getting "We'll be back soon" when trying to add the phone to the cart.... so much for getting in early to beat the rush
  • yep add to cart fails, horrid.
  • guess i got lucky
  • I just pre-ordered mine.
  • apple fail. Anyone know when ATT will start pre-selling it?
  • No you didn't
  • If u want you could follow AppleStoreCheck on Twitter....this way I don't have to wait and keep clicking in frustration
  • Could someone send Steve Jobs an email. Maybe he'll start taking orders directly.
  • Same thing at ATT
    I go all the way to PLACE ORDER and then bam, it hangs...
    piss poor service from both companies... this is not their first year,,, I give them another hour and then DROID !
  • The store's performance does not engender confidence in their cloud offerings or their "world class" data center. :)
    (Yes, I know that data center may not be "on" yet -- I kid, I kid)
  • Perhaps if that data center was on, this wouldn't be happening.....
  • still down
  • I have been trying since 5 a.m. - this has been a terrible experience - APPLE & ATT need to get their crap together...they should have anticipated this type of traffic. 1 more hour and I agree with Art
  • Funny how they had you submit your email for pre-order updates and no email at all from apple...
  • Vanburen boys. yea right
  • From Apple: Pre-orders placed after 9am ET on June 15 will not be shipped until June 25.
    Looks like first batch all accounted for. Probably a bunch of folks reserving more than they should or double booking.
  • If you want to get a Droid, get a Droid. The iPhone is a superior phone. Don't threaten Apple by not waiting a day or two; they don't care.
  • I just preordered 3.
  • I got mine reserved:
    Pickup Date and Time
    June 24 starting at 7:00 a.m.
    Please note that your reservation will be held until close of business on June 24.
  • BS @Ralph
  • How is anybody supposed to order one if all of the websites are slow or are down?
  • Been trying on Apple and ATT since 6:30am EST. No dice. I got as far as add to cart on Apple and I never even saw the 4 on ATT offered. Bah!
  • Anyone know why some AT&T Premier customers can't get completed orders via Apple?
    I am better off not having a Premier account. I think it saves me $5 or $10 / month on phone charges but no discounted hardware.
    Total fail for this not being integrated better. I pre-ordered through AT&T but wondering if I should cancel, remove Premier status and then order through Apple.
  • If I pre-ordered and am picking up in the store, will I have to wait in line along with everyone else that didn't preorder or will I be in and out? Thanks.
  • I am so mad I was just in a Verizon store yesterday bragging about how much better this phone is going to be than the droid! Apple you fail! You are letting me down.
  • I. am. about. to. stab. a. bitch.
  • So I've got it in the cart. After that, I get oops when I try to view the cart or checkout.
  • Apple site is pissing me off. What the hell, you think they'd have this down after 3 years. i mean come on
  • Its working again
  • lets bring it down again
  • no its not working johnjacob
  • @WTF Apple
    Can I get you a box of tissues?
  • @Rob -
    Your line will only be 2 hours long vs. 4 hours for people who reserved only. That is not a joke. Someone at Apple (in NYC) told me that yesterday. Your best bet is to go well after they open.
  • Why are you all so against ordering from AT&T? WIll you really die if god forbid you didnt get it on the 24th and you got it on the 25th?
    I understand being antsy but the point is you will get it.
  • YES IT IS!
  • Made it to the checkout page this time...then failed.
  • @CJ
    IDK, can you find something else to bitch about rather flame me?
  • @WTF Apple
    Awwww....come here, son. You need a hug. :-)
  • Andy, its because they aren't the best at delivering on time. PLUS their website is down too.
  • The store just came back up!
  • @WTF Apple
    Stop Crying
  • @CJ
    I'd rather not get cheesy poof grease on my back....
  • I tried AT&T website and they said they were having a problem. This is useless
  • @WTF Apple
    I resent that comment. I have hair on my back, not cheesy poof grease.
  • Hey guys...how bout we go one at a time. Ok, now you all get off so I can order mine.
  • im bouta just give upp and order later im so tired =/
  • I got my iPhone 4 :D
  • Guess I don't get mine on launch day then, despite trying to place the order for an hour. If I was not already up for other things, I would be cheesed off.
    Ah well
  • SURE!!! yeah right Chris S
  • @CJ
    LOL...I never said it was on your back. It's on your hands.
  • Advice..... Don't use safari to buy the iPhone, use another browser it's gonna be faster, I did that,,,, worked great
  • @Chris S
    What's the secret? Did you do anything special?
  • Apparently a lot of people are starting to give up...
    My pre-order is now completed.....good luck all.....
  • I've tried Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.... no luck. Now it appears that AT&T is causing the problem... hanging up on account verification.
  • I just had a completed order on apple
    try it now guys
  • Wow that is a first...I called Apple for something non-iPhone related, and I got a message saying "Due to extremely high call volume, we are unable to answer your call at this time. Thank you."
    So they are failing so hard they cannot even pick up the phone...
  • AT&T is slowwwwww......
    Took about 10 minutes to order 1 phone, need to order another 2 :o
    They suggest ordering 1 phone at a time for some reason..... meh...
  • I tried this morning and can't. But I don't think the problem is with Apple.
    I tried both on Apple's store and on AT+Ts. AT+T as of this moment is returning this error:
    "There was a problem with your request.
    P1015: We're sorry, but we are experiencing a system error that prevents us from completing your request. For non iPhone related upgrades, please call Customer Care at 1-888-867-4384 and provide the error number at the beginning of this message."
    This tells me the hold up is AT+Ts servers, not Apple's, since it of course has to connect to AT+T to initiate or upgrade the contract. I can order a wifi iPad or a new iMac no problem. Yet another reason why Apple is great but AT+T really needs to get it's act together.
  • iphone apple store app is up
  • AT&T's server is fast right now....except when you click Upgrade!
  • AT&T's Upgrade page is also down. Just tried to pre-order and got this message
    " There was a problem with your request.
    P1015: We're sorry, but we are experiencing a system error that prevents us from completing your request. For non iPhone related upgrades, please call Customer Care at 1-888-867-4384 and provide the error number at the beginning of this message."
  • I dont know why so many are having issues with AT&T's web site. As soon as I go to the site there is a pre-order button and each time I am able to get to the checkout page. I dont want to click it again since I already ordered one but is it after the checkout button that isnt working for some? I heard some say there was no iphone 4 avail or that the site was down. Maybe it's just really intermittent.
    Hope you all get your orders or reservations in. Rest assured within 2 weeks you will all be on Facetime and I'll be able to see your ugly mugs soon enough!
  • and down
  • @deviladv
    No. You can try to excuse Apple by blaming AT&T, but plenty of people have failed at steps other than the AT&T steps. There is no AT&T reason why Apple's checkout page would fail, not to mention any of the pre-AT&T steps.
    Besides, even if AT&T was to blame, Apple chose them as an exclusive partner, and once they accept the payments for that exclusivity, they also accept the responsibility for the joint effort.
    But AT&T is not (solely) to blame here. Apple has failed big time.
  • I definitely won't forget my cell phone number, zip code, or last 4 of my social security # anytime in the near future.
  • after 4 hours of trials and tribulations, i finally got a confirmation number: W2878xxxxx
  • Haha, AT&T site says they are currently doing maintenance... why would they schedule maintenance for today? sarcasm
  • AT&T is continually working to improve our internet site for our customers. As part of this ongoing effort, we are currently doing maintenance. We apologize for this inconvenience and ask that you please try back again later.----- f**k everybody. They all suck
  • Complete BS....the apple store is working now but since AT&T is doing "maintenance" I can't get past the verification page...
  • @paulrkiii go to http://www.att.com/wireless/iphone/?status=error&emailAddr=&_requestid=7...
  • lol that's the first thing I saw in the new apple app store app
  • Theyre both at fault. Simple as that,,, first they take the white one away and now they have the crappiest service.... :twisted:
  • Why doesn't everyone stop calling for a few minutes so that i can order mine.......
    Apple is really pissing off a lot of people, they should've been better prepared for this sort of epidemic.
  • @metsgiantsfan234 doesn't work dude
  • I officially hate this page: https://buyiphone.apple.com/WebObjects/IPACustomer.woa/wa/error
  • @Michael it's at&t's fault. their server is down
  • i quit
  • @chris it loads for me
  • This is complete BS, what a JOKE. AT&T always holds Apple back, Verizon's servers probably wouldn't suck this bad. Just another reason why iPhone needs another carrier. One carrier cannot handle the demand anymore! Come on!
  • @metsgiantsfan234 try actually ordering the phone. I get the an error message every time without fail.
  • I was trying relentlessly on the Apple.com order page, and it gave me an error like 1000 times. Then I got a new error page where it let me reserve a phone at the store using my Apple ID. It said it is reserved for June 24th at 7:00 AM and I will receive an email confirmation shortly.
    Anybody else get this?
  • I got my iPhone pre-ordered! I woke up at 2:00am Central Time and was able to get through AT&T's site right around 3:30am! HAHA! Now I get to sit back and watch all you suffer!
  • AT&T is like the President. Always blaming something or someone else. I can't wait for Steve Jobs to smarten up and say F AT&T. It's hurting Apple's rep too.
  • Well AT&T SUCKS BALLS!!!!!
  • still trying @chris
  • This is the biggest fustercluck I've seen in a long time.
  • I have tried 100 times today
    FINALLY went to the last page to place my order, but it said the delivery wasnt available anymore, and only in store pick up $699 (instead of the $299) WTH!???
  • ...And I just got the email confirmation that my iPhone 4 16GB is on reserve at the Apple Store. Hmm...
  • We are the only ones who beg Apple to take our money and get annoyed at them when they don't.
    There was a problem with your request.
    P1015: We're sorry, but we are experiencing a system error that prevents us from completing your request. For non iPhone related upgrades, please call Customer Care at 1-888-867-4384 and provide the error number at the beginning of this message.
  • lol @metsgiantsfan - maybe time to buy some stock shares
    Their site is moving like molasses
  • You folks blaming AT&T are hilarious.. both Apple and AT&Ts sites have been down at points.. but I can promise it wasn't AT&T that decided on the day of pre orders not to sell an entire stock of phones(the white). Plus, it also sounds like Apple pulled the rug from preordering at other places. Thats not AT&Ts fault.
  • AT&T SITE IS UP NOW. lets see if anything changes
  • Off to Radio Shack I go.
  • Wow on the ATT site they dont even show the option for iPhone 4 anymore after you go to upgrade.
  • Anyone else getting "Your request could not be processed" when you check for upgrade eligibility?
    I've gotten as far as putting in credit card info and submitting twice now but it crashed on me both times. Wondering if that's fubared my account.
  • It was a struggle but, I succeeded lOl iPhone see you on the 24TH - bright & early!
  • AT&T site isn't working at all. You can see the iPhone 4 on the home page but when you go to "upgrade," it's not available as an option. I am still trying through Apple's site but it's not working. Will probably call it quits in a bit as I need to get work done!
  • Got to the last page of the att ordering form and it gave me an error :(
  • @Firewall im having the same troubles
  • AT&T is now SOLD OUT.
    Just spoke to my rep. No more iPhone 4s.
    Apple also not guaranteeing delivery on June 24 anymore due to OVERWHELMING demand.
    You can wait on line though with the other 20 million people who have "reservations"
  • The white ones are not "taken from us" they are simply are not ready. I tried last night at least 50 times to preorder a black phone..and of course nothing....error after error. This morning I tried again and still nothing..BUT!!!! I decided to go to the apple store and login. Once i did that I checked my shopping cart and there sit a 32gb black iPhone 4 in my shopping cart. I went through the motions to purchase it at that point and everything worked fine....check your shopping carts it worked for me.
  • moving slow and then gives me error processing your request and kicks me out to start all over again?...you've got to be kidding me
  • The site is up.
  • I even tried the apple store app and it crashes every time you try to order...
  • Sad thing is the site isn't going to get any better as the rest of the country starts waking up. Still only 7am on the west coast
  • @Ralph
    Nice try ;)
    AT&T is fine. Go to your local store and place an order.
  • Can't process request.
  • I just ordered the 32 GB through att.com and it went through.
  • Just tried Apple's site again:
    Your request couldn’t be processed.
    We’re sorry, but there was an error processing your request. Please try again later. seems like AT&T is the way to go.
  • I am currently standing in line to pre-order and AT&T is ridiculous. All the AT&T computers ar running slow. I have been waiting an hour. Is it possible to ever be prepared.
  • Multiple browsers time out. App crashes. 800 number not accepting calls.
    "World class" services. Funny stuff.
  • Simple question -
    Do you think it would have been unreasonable for Apple and AT&T web engineers to sit in a room and load balance and test assuming 1 million concurrent visitors? Assume all query their respective databases and if something hangs or breaks, then add some more hardware? I mean it's a joke.
  • AT&T says unable to process upgrade at this time when I login to try to preorder.
  • My preorder at Apple finally went thru around 9:05 am EST after having about 30 minutes of trouble on the Apple Store site.
    I was afraid I would get the Ooops page after entering my credit card info, but once I was able to get that far into it everything worked fine. Got my Apple Store Order Number and it shows up when I check Order Status, so I feel good now.
  • Wow! Just like the 1st day of launch of the 1st GEN iPhone! What's the point of pre-order where you can't even get thru the site!!! I don't know who to blame but I think I will just wait at maybe for a week or so to get mine!
  • I ordered mine and my friends at 6:30am as soon as their site was updated!!! We feel so happy. Good luck to you all!!!
  • yep, 9am here in Kansas City, and the site is still unresponsive.
  • Anyone know if WalMart is still doing the $97 3gs ? That's starting to sound more tempting than all this hassle. I'm far more interested in iOS 4 than I am the new hardware.
  • I'm about to switch to an android on verizon.
  • I gave up on the At&t site, i'm sticking to Apple. I get further that way.
  • I like how it takes five minutes to load an error page. That's neat.
  • @George, getting further doesn't mean success. as we all can attest to that fact
  • Meh, this is annoying. I'm just gonna stop by AT&T and Best Buy on my way to work and if they have preorders I will order. If not I'll just wait until everyone else is out of the way and I can just walk into a store and spend 10 minutes with no hassle. This kind of stuff is just too annoying to deal with anymore, I hate lines. Good luck all still trying.
  • @george, AT&T's site seems fine. Takes a little bit to load the iPhone selection page. I got it in my cart but decided no to order. If I'm not sure I will get it on the 24th I don't want it bc I'm going to Florida the next day.
  • Trying since for hours and I got all the way to the "Processing Information" screen multiple times prior to crash. Then switched to Chrome Browser. Chrome got to the processing screen every time but is still dying after trying to process my SSAN.
  • @sting7k
    The problem is I dont even have the phone as an option to upgrade on that site! I'm upgrade eligible but they dont have the iPhone 4.
  • @stink7k I also seem to be having better luck with Chrome
  • Everyone who is having trouble.....Check your "CART" @ apple.com. I was having the same problems and went and checked my cart and it was there. Simply went through the check out and am done. Hope it works for you guys.
  • from att site
    There was a problem with your request.
    P1015: We're sorry, but we are experiencing a system error that prevents us from completing your request. For non iPhone related upgrades, please call Customer Care at 1-888-867-4384 and provide the error number at the beginning of this message.
  • After 3+ hours of trying to get through the Apple and AT&T stores, I went to my local Best Buy and preordered. I was the 5th preorder they took and they are going to call me an set up an appointment to pick up so I don't have to wait in line. It's nice to know Apple has partnered with a decent company to pick up its slack!
  • @DJ You Rock!! I just checked and I had 5 in my cart, LOL
  • @DJ: checked my cart. empty. still trying
  • I'm on the apple site and I can't go past the "Are you a new or existing AT&T wireless customer?" page. The "continue" does not click and unresponsive for the past hour.
  • @DJ
    You sir, are a scholar and a gentleman. Thanks for the tip.
    I can confirm DJ's tip -- I made it to the cart stage a long time ago, and it was still there for me to place the order. Give it a shot, if you are now blocked earlier in the process.
  • Once I saw I had 5 in my cart and reduced it 1 finishing the order took less than 30 seconds. Everything was very snappy after that. No email yet, but I did get a Thank You page and confirmation order
  • does anyone know if people can pre-order in AT&T Stores?
  • Apple keeps saying my session expired. impossible
  • I said screw it, and ordered from the deathstar.
    email from AT&T:
    Dear xxxxx,
    Thank you for your purchase from the AT&T Premier Online Store. We're pleased with your choice of AT&T as your wireless service provider.
    Pre-orders will be fulfilled beginning June 24, 2010. Orders will ship on a first-come, first-served basis. We will notify you by email when your order ships. Your order may be subject to AT&T eligibility and credit requirements. If we have any questions about your eligibility or your order, we will contact you via email.
    Note: Do not attempt to active your device until you have received it.
    You can view the status of your order (https://www.wireless.att.com/business/order_status/) in AT&T Premier Online Store at any time.
    Reference Web Order Number: 10122xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Once you have received your wireless device, you can activate it online by following these steps:
    Click the registration link https://www.wireless.att.com/ActivationOnlineDispatch.dyn?token=a03f4621...
    OR Click this link or copy and paste it into your browser: http://wireless.att.com/businesscenter/activations/ Follow the prompts on the screen and enter the following numbers:
    Order Number: 10122xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Activation Number: 101xxxxxxxx
    Note: Be sure to retain this information—it is required for online activation. If you bought backordered items, we'll ship in-stock merchandise first and then complete your order with a separate shipment. Multiple backordered items will ship when all items are in stock.
  • OMG!!! @DJ your a god!!! i just order the phone it turns out i had like 6 of them lol THANKS
  • I cannot even get to seeing my upgrade options on AT&T's website. It keeps looping me to a log-in form
  • I guess this is a testament to the Apple's marketing prowess. I've been trying to pre-order a replacement phone for a couple hours now with no luck. The apple store app on the iphone just shuts down after entering my phone number, ssn last four and zip code.
    Can't get anywhere with the process on the computer either. Very annoying.
  • So freaking annoying!!!! Why wouldn't they have worked out this whole volume issue? Very disappointing.
  • @Bre Bre did you get your email yet? Like you I discovered I had a few in my cart. Got a confirmation page and it looks like my card was charged but oddly still no email.
  • It keeps saying my order can't be processed after I enter all my information in!!
    WTF is going on Apple you guys SUCK!!
  • @Firewall... i havnet got my email yet i just wrote down my order number and printed the page and plus apple has charged my card says there name on it... i went thru this end part last year your get the email once their dun processing the order.... soo your tooken care of just save that order number and page and your good to go
  • Don't try calling Apple they are not even taking calls tells you that they have a high call volume and kicks you out!
  • Guess I'm off to best buy to preorder...
    Your request couldn’t be processed.
    We’re sorry, but there was an error processing your request. Please try again later.
  • How are you accessing your cart? Just have the We'll be right back message. Dont see cart anywhere.
  • So manage to order iPhone 4 about 8:30am but have not recieved email confirmation. Has anyone who got an order through recieved confirmation of their order via email?
  • @Nolefan click on the "STORE" link and to the farthest right corner its a cart symbol and it says chart..check that
    @Memph i ordered mine to havnet got a confirmation email yet either just an order number from apple on the thank you for buying page... but ive been charged on my card by apple so i better be recieving sumthing soon! lol
  • I would have to think that Confirmation Emails will take a few days to get them all out. If I don't see one by the end of the week I will start to worry. They can barely maintain their website let alone keep up with all the Emails.
    As for accessing your cart, look in the top right hand corner of the screen for a shopping cart icon and click it to see if your order is in your cart already.
  • No confirm email = no order. The database at AT&T is f'd. I just went there and its a sh*t show. Unless you get an email, you will be waiting a very long time. Apple's web server has to insert a transaction into AT&T's db and if that didnt happen, you may have checked out but there is no "order" coming.
    Best chance at getting a phone within a week of launch is to head to AT&T store and wait for a confirm.
  • @ bre bre I thought they weren't charging your card until the phone shipped? My card has not been charged.
  • @Harry Is there some kind of source for what you're saying? I find it hard to believe Apple is hanging out confirmation numbers, charging cards yet orders aren't complete if you don't receive a email.
  • No cart icon on my screen. Guess that means I never got far enought to get one in the cart.
  • @Meph technically it wasn't charged BUT...on my card it took the money out and on the statement it said Appleitunes or sumthin like that...and also said temporary hold...soo i mean technically it took it out of mine cuz my balance on my card changed... thats basically what im saying
  • @Firewall... Agreeing...with you cause ive been charged..and given an order number soo idk if i believe that statement either
  • I have to agree with Firewall. I find it hard to believe I have an order #, but may not have an "actual" order because I haven't gotten an email. I think it will just take some time.
  • I'm so upset and frustrated right now, been trying to order since 6am EST and still can't.
  • AT&T site is DOWN. AGAIN
  • Just went to best buy...reserved 32g for 50 dollars....in an out on 5 minutes....so far they said they've only done 4 before mine
  • Any more news on anything? Anyone having some success? Still having problems? I checked under my order status at apple.com and my order is there, but still no confirm email.
  • @DJ where can you check your order status at?
  • @DJ ok i see it all it says is not shipped yet ok..well atealst i kno i bought somthing lol
  • on apple's store, scroll over "account" and it should list order status. just click an either log in or have your order # and zip.
  • Does Einstein's definition of insanity apply to trying to pre-order iPhone4?
  • k. here has been my day so far...
    Apple Store website, failure
    AT&T Website, failure
    Prearranged Apple Sales Rep call at 7:30, did not call
    Drove to local AT&T Store. all systems were down, manual orders only, Credit Card only.
    Had full 5 bars in the AT&T store, Quicken and Mint.com would not load to show me what I had left in my accounts. Last I knew, I had $50 in credit left on the card. I needed $200 +/-, and they would not accept a debit card (Apple Online Store DOES accept debit cards).
    Told the AT&T rep that I would walk over to the McDonalds next door and check via their WiFi. At that moment, I got the call from the Apple Sales rep.
    Apple Sales Rep's computers were down, failure.
    Called back to the local AT&T store. They told me if I cannot get it via pre-order, that they are opening at 7AM on the 24th and they that will have extra iPhones for non-preorders.
  • I managed to order my iPhone 4 through my iPhone 2G yes 2G on EDGE at around 8:20-8:30 this morning prior to this i had been trying from home since 5:30am but had to go to work so that I could pay off the phone:) I would get the will be back soon but noticed that if I refreshed the page it would load and was able to keep progressing, I tried this at first with my Mac and was unsuccessful but worked on the iPhone I have a confirmation number and order number but no confirmation email I have not checked my account check my order status but have the pages with the confirmation numbers. 2G I'm still smiling.
  • Got my iphone ordered through AT&T but my card has not been charged yet!
  • I was able to get my iPhone ordered as well via AT&T. Not having any luck on AT&Ts site getting my folks their two iPhone 4s though. will keep trying.
  • I used a Debit card to order my phone. Don't they have to wait until they ship the phone to charge my card?
  • @DJ: I used a Debit Card as well. The instructions on the order page mentioned that if a debit card is used, the funds are held and not accessible (and the card will not be 'charged') until the iPhone ships.
  • okay, this is weird. when I try to upgrade my parents iPhones on AT&Ts website (they have a Family Plan), I get a red text error if I have both phones selected for the upgrade. If I have only one of the phones selected, I get the proper "here is a long list of phones you can upgrade to, pick one"..
  • @Rob: can you do one phone at a time? That's how I have done my phones in the past.
  • @DJ: It appears that I could do each phone on the plan individually. I was just worried that doing that would mean that doing one with extend the contract of both at the same time. but if upgrading one doesn't affect the other, then I might just do that
  • Still cannot access either the Apple or AT&T site to place an order. I guess if the average person who has to work all day will not get a chance to place an order. I get the following from AT&T: "Online access for Wireless and U-verse accounts is temporarily unavailable" The Shopping Cart is a similar message. The apple site just goes to an error url saying it cannot connect to AT&T. Guess buying a phone today was not meant to be. Still trying to figure out why 1 person needs 6 IPhones.
  • Both sites are still down for me, it's 10:45 AM Eastern, I feel like the people saying they were successful are lying to frustrate those who are routinely checking every 15 minutes or so.
  • The iphone 4 is really making some noise. I wonder what's the number of users it takes to bring down the site.
  • Hello,
    I just wanted to say that I have been reading for a a couple of days and I would like to sign up for the updated feed.
  • I love my iPhone 4 so much that my iPad is getting jealous :D
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