Find... in page javascript bookmarklet

If you're browsing the web on a PC, you can just hit CTRL-F or CMD-F and quickly find any text on a webpage. It's great for finding things fast, especially on long reams of text, and Safari does a nice job of it -- just not Mobile Safari on the iPhone, not yet.

Editor emeritus Mike Overbo brought something very similar to us two years ago (along with a ton of others -- check that link!) when iPhone 1.x made bookmarklets all the rage. Since then, Apple has added a lot of functionality, but still hasn't deigned to gift us with Find... on page. Rafael Cimatti (via App Advice) is keeping the handy Javascript bookmarklet alive via Cydia (though it works on any iPhone). It can't fully replace a built in command, with next, back, etc. options, etc. but if it isn't 100% right, it is 100% "right now".

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Just bookmark this link on your iPhone: Find...

Either bookmark it on your desktop browser and sync it over, or on your iPhone copy the code after the break, bookmark a random page, edit it, change the name, and paste in the code (check the App Advice link above for step

And next time you're on a page, hit the bookmark, type in your text, and find away!

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