Updated with Video! iPhone Prototype Revealed on Ebay!

Lookee what Mobile Crunch has found, two early prototype iPhones are up for grabs on Ebay! Both a working model and dud (non-working) models can be yours... if the price is right!

The seller seems to have done his research, too. Based on the serial numbers, the working protoype was built in week 49 of 2006 while the dud was pushed off the factory line the following week. The OS that’s running is 03.06.01_G. Official iPhone OS that launched was 03.11.02_G. Bidding ends on March 11th and the highest bid is currently $315.

Check out Mobile Crunch for lots more pics! (Early UI is awesomely interesting just by itself!)

Anyone bidding?

Rene Ritchie

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