iPhone reunites mother and daughter after five years apart

A mother, who lost touch with her daughter, was able to find her again 5 years later thanks to a kind hearted iPhone user. The mother, a shoe cleaner in China, came across someone in the street with an iPad and asked if she could use it to get online to help find her daughter. Unfortunately the iPad was WiFi only and there was no network to be found. Luckily, the iPad user also had an iPhone. A photo was taken of the woman and it was posted to Weibo, a hugely popular micro-blogging site in China with over 140 million users.

The picture was reposted (re-weibo'd?) over 100,000 times or whatever the equivalent term is in Weibo language. Within three days her daughter had seen the photograph and the pair were in touch again!

That is two uplifting stories involving iOS devices this week. Earlier in the week we heard about the visually impaired schoolgirl using an iPad; to improve her school life. May be Steve was right; these devices are magical after all?

[The Loop]


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