iPhone Review from CrackBerry Kevin -- Smartphone Round Robin

Apple's third iPhone meets CrackBerry Kevin's third iPhone review, exclusively in the 2009 Smartphone Round Robin. Year one he called it the iSmudge. Then they got the Storm. Year two he called it the Ah *** phone. Then they got the Storm. (Joking. Not.) What's he calling the iPhone and iPhone users this year?

Yeah, it ain't pretty. But he's also calling the iPhone the yin to his yang, the night to his day, the left pocket to his right pocketed BlackBerry, the... you get the idea. (We got it too.)

All credit for what little progress he's made goes to our outstanding TiPb forum members, who learned him as much as any CrackBerry addict-in-chief can really be learned.

If you want to win an iPhone 3GS of your very own, you can still enter once a day on his thread, or any of the previous Round Robin threads in our forum. And for all the other videos, reviews, and contest threads (there are 6 smartphones up for grabs after all!) keep your browsers locked on smartphoneroundrobin.com!)

Now go read Kev's review, then come back here and tell us whether you agree or disagree, and why!

Rene Ritchie

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