iPhone Review from WMExperts’ Phil -- Smartphone Round Robin

I'm an iPhone. Phil's a Windows Phone. Typically the jokes about creaky old, stylus and resistive bound, UI impaired smartphones of generations past would start there, but for this year's Smartphone Round Robin Phil's strapped with the HTC HD2 and not only are we unable to poke fun -- we're afraid to. But now that he's armed with the Windows Phone equivalent of an ICBM, how will he treat our iPhone?

Given the amazing help our TiPb Forum members provided him, I'm hoping the answer is "well". To find out, head on over and read Phil's complete iPhone from a Windows Mobile perspective review and then let him (and us!) know what you think.

Did he nail it or did he fail it? Remember, you can still add a reply to the forums for another chance to win a brand new iPhone 3GS! (Or a brand new BlackBerry if you help me out on the CrackBerry Forums).

Speaking of me -- I'm about to jump the next star freighter bound for Android Central, holding out for a sassy princess Hero and wondering who's looking for that Droid. Empire-style sequel or Phantom-mess prequel? Watch for my video, under the googley guidance of Casey Chan, coming Monday.

And for all the other videos, reviews, and contest threads (there are 6 smartphones up for grabs after all!) keep your browsers locked on smartphoneroundrobin.com!

Rene Ritchie

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