iPhone Risk: India Impending?

Singapore, the Netherlands, and Mexico, and Australia, watch out! Apple Insider is reporting that India has joined the fray for next iPhone launch.

A quick check of the battleground shows:

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EuropeNorth Am.South AmAsiaAfricaOceaniaAntarctica

The rumor is sourced to Indian retail connections with an early September launch data tied in to Vodafone as the exclusive carrier. Pricing may be a steep 27,200 to 28,000 Rupees ($680 to $700) for an 8GB model. (With the beefier 16GB delayed until mid-2009 to "accommodate demand" ?!.

Without a substantial retail presence, Apple may rely on local retailer Reliance Digital to open semi-official iStores.

So the game is heating up! Will India get an early edge? Will one of the other pre-rumored countries still get there first? Or will a surprise entrant swoop in and win it all? Who's getting the next iPhone? What do you think?

Rene Ritchie

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