iPhone Risk: Mexican-do and Whither Netherlands?

Apple Insider points us to two fresh rumors on iPhone launches. First up, in what could be the second North American appearance of El Jobso's revolutionary little phone:

The Mexico City newspaper El Universal alleged on Thursday that multiple dialogs with Apple support would have the iPhone launch on Mexican carrier Telcel in June, in time for Apple's planned version 2.0 firmware.

Next, a potential sixth (6th!) launch for the mighty Europe, this time in the Netherlands:

Meanwhile, Dutch Apple reseller The Innovators also posted teasers the same day for a special event to take place on March 29th at 11AM local time. The third-party store was mum on details but dropped hints that it would present on a product that had previously been unsold in the Netherlands and would make it easy to place calls.

Admittedly pretty thin, if any of these rumors come true, it would bring our score to:

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EuropeNorth Am.South AmAsiaAfricaOceaniaAntarctica

Could Mexico and the Netherlands be getting their multi-touch on come June? Or are these the weakest rumors yet? What do you think?

Rene Ritchie

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