iPhone snags top spot in Japan with 30% market share

Research firm MMRI has tallied up local mobile sales for 2011 and figured that iPhone has claimed 30% of Japan's smartphone market with 7.3 million units, making it the most popular individual brand of the bunch. In the overall mobile landscape of Japan, iPhone claimed 17% share, which is second only to Fujitsu.

We haven't heard much iPhone news from Japan since the earthquake last year, but the iPhone has been hugely popular there since at least the iPhone 3G days. iOS has managed to do pretty well in the surrounding areas, including Samsung's home turf, Korea. Japan was one of the first international markets to have the new iPad available for sale, and with Apple loyalty like this, it's easy to see why.

Any Japanese iPhone users in the house? How many of your friends are packing an Android handset? Does it line up with the two out of three figure MMRI is suggesting here?

Source: MMRI via Engadget

Simon Sage

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