iPhone 3.0 to get Spotlight Device Search

The rumors had said that the iPhone would pick up some features that had been touted for the Pre. One feature of the Pre: Universal Search. The iPhone does the Pre one better with their Spotlight search -- it not only searches contacts and apps, but will also search within other key applications like Mail and SMS.

Spotlight on the iPhone works thusly: it becomes your new left-most home screen. When you get there, you can just start typing to bring up a list of everything that matches your search. The list will include data from:

  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Email (To, From, Subject)
  • iPod
  • Notes
  • Messaging (SMS / MMS)
  • Apps (name of App)

The search results get listed in a big, touchable list and each result will have the icon for the app it's from set to the left of the result.

Ladies and Gentlemen: this is the single most important new feature of iPhone 3.0 for me and how I use phones. The ability to 'just start typing' in order to find what I want to get done is my killer app. How about you?

Dieter Bohn