iPhone Support Agent Comments on Exploding iPhones

Exploding iPhones have been a very popular topic as of late, but now an alleged tier 2 iPhone support agent has contacted Gizmodo to further back up Apple's claims that the exploding iPhones are not the result of faulty batteries but rather simply cases of user abuse.

I'm a Tier 2 iPhone agent for Apple. I'd like to add that roughly one to two calls out of every thousand that I take deal with the battery "overheating". Generally, this incident can be described as "uncomfortably warm", and I have not ever received or heard of a coworker receiving a call about someone being injured by the iPhone, including people too stupid to stop using their phones after the screen is broken.

The email later goes on to say Apple gets tens of thousands of calls and zero of them have proven to be safety issues. From the beginning of this debacle we've had a feeling that this was simply the media blowing this way out of proportion. We still get this feeling...

Does this alleged tech support email put some of your minds to rest regarding the "exploding" iPhones?

IM Staff

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