We've asked if AT&T's service had made you consider dumping your iPhone 3G. But even if the iPhone was available on other US cellphone networks, what choices would you have?

Many people would love to get the iPhone on Verizon, but the current generation Verizon network is CDMA, which is not compatible with the iPhone's GSM radio. This means that, until everyone moves to LTE 4G in a few years, existing iPhones won't run on Verizon (or Sprint for that matter).

That leaves T-Mobile. Unfortunately, T-Mobile has different 3G bands then, well, the rest of the GSM world, which means unless Apple changes the iPhone radio (unlikely), you would only get 2G/EDGE on T-Mobile, slower speeds, and no simultaneous voice and data.

Is that a deal breaker for anyone? Or would having the iPhone on T-Mobile, even on 2G/EDGE still be better for some of you than your local AT&T coverage?