Would the iPhone on Verizon rumors kindly make up their modem-flipping minds?

Rumors are saying the iPhone is coming to Verizon as soon as this summer. On LTE. Which follow rumors saying, due to AT&T's iPad deal, iPhone on Verizon was pushed back to 2011. Which followed rumors iPhone on Verizon would be the "one more thing" at the iPhone OS 4 event. Which followed--

Enough. Since 2007 all we've gotten is rumor after conflicted rumor that the iPhone is coming out on Verizon later in the year, no in 2012, no yesterday, no....

Forget it. There're almost certainly CDMA and LTE iPhones deep beneath Cupertino in the Apple labs, just as there were Intel Macs for years before they were released. Apple can release a CDMA or LTE iPhone whenever they feel like it. Verizon can put a CDMA or LTE iPhone on their network whenever they feel like. That is, whenever they're contractually allowed to and come to a financial arrangement (which could be tomorrow, or never, getting the idea yet?)

We'll believe it when Steve holds it up on stage. Or someone leaves one in a bar. Whatever.


Rene Ritchie

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