iPhone Vulnerable to DoS Attack?

Maybe Safari really is the weak link for Apple. After being used to bring down a MacBook Air in the CanSecWest Contest, the good folks at Radware have discovered a vulnerability in Apple's Safari for iPhone 1.1.4.

Per the source, "the design flaw triggers a series of memory allocation operations on the iPhone's dynamic memory pool, which then triggers a bug in the garbage pool collector." To get to that point however, the iPhone user must visit a site written with that particular malicious JavaScript. Potentially the flaw will crash Safari and perhaps even the iPhone altogether.

iPhone users should have little to worry about because at this point, the flaw is nothing more than an annoyance, but in the hands of a knowledgeable hacker, it could become a major issue. Hopefully, Apple will roll out one of their infamously ambiguous updates that are released for 'maintenance and security issues' for the iPhone and all will be well in the iPhoneiverse.