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So the suspiciously familiar Dieter Bohn of PreCentral.net got a guided tour (check out the video) from yours truly to catch him up on all things iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3.0 , and he shared his preliminary thoughts on Monday (same link). Of course, there was only so much help I could give him, so he went on over to TiPb's iPhone Forums for the real experts -- you, and boy have you given him some ninja-level instruction. He still needs you, however, so keep posting in that thread -- and remember every day you do you get another chance to WIN AN iPHONE 3GS! (smartphoneroundrobin.com has all the details on that).

As for me, I'm still struggling with Nokia, the S60 N97-mini, and N900. Yeah, wish me luck with that. (Or give me some help and maybe win a Nokia smartphone as well!)

Rene Ritchie

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  • I had a palm pre and it sucked!! It had horrible build quality (I went through 4 of them because they all had a screen bleeding problem, one of them just turned off and never turned back on). It was plagued by software bugs. Talk about multitasking, It would often say that I had too many cards open when I only had one and often none!!Had to reset phone multiple times per day to have it work correctly. I got fed up with it and now am the happy owner of a 32gb 3gs. I do love the idea and os of webos though. Maybe when palm releases a descent sdk and better phone, I will return. As of now, I rather buy a palm centro.
  • you must had something serious wrong with you pre i managed to have 33 apps open at the same time with no problem. i am still on my 1st pre and it is going strong. maybe you installed some stuff that had memory leaks. like patches or stuff. if you do stuff like that be careful and find out what app or apps cost the memory leaks. because if i manage to have 33 apps running then you should and most dont have an issue running 10 or so. good luck jaime.
  • Well I did hav my pre rooted and some patches installed. But that as only for little things that should have been included with webos. Like email in landscape view and other little things. But that does not make up the main reason I disliked the pre which was the horrible screen bleeding. I am also surprised that you got 30 apps running I tried one time to reach the limit and i think it was lke 14 or 17 until I got that dreaded message to close cards. But the again most of the pre apps are not even memory hogs like the iphone's which rely on eye candy games and stuff. They were more lke simple web pages as the name webos implies.
  • Sorry for my typos, I am typing from my iPhone lol
  • Jaime had a Pre from the first production run. That first run had a few build quality issues. From what I've read, those issues have been ironed out.
    Me personally would never own a Pre. The phone is crippled by it's programing language, HTML/JavaScript/CSS. Also, the plastic screen is too damn small.
    I'm not a big fan of Apple but ironically I do love my iPhone.
  • I'll admit: comparing my Pre to my iPod Touch (a pretty close iPhone equivalent), the build quality just doesn't hold up. Palm apologists cite the slider mechanism, but that is no excuse given how long slider phones have been around. Plus, I'll admit, there are a lot of iPhone OS apps that I would kill for on my Pre.
    BUT... the openness, superior multitasking, hardware keyboard, IMAP idle (which gives me push Gmail without having to resort to activesync), and just untapped potential are enough to keep me on the Pre. I know we have to compare today's features across phones, but it is impressive that WebOS 1.x is still in the fight against iPhone OS 3.x.
    Either way, I hope WebOS's strengths just push Apple to innovate faster. Competition is good for all of us.
  • I've got push gmail - on my iPhone.
  • Everyones GMail is push on iPhone... Has been since 3.0
  • I have a pre. Multitasking has me spoiled. Found myself swiping as I tested out an iPhone. I would still love to get my hands on an iPhone yo find out what it's really about. Hint hint.
  • i think that the multi-tasking on the pre is phenomenal but apple has me on a leash when it comes to leaving them....too many great apps and games...plus jailbreaking just adds the icing on the cake...
  • To those who have push Gmail on their iPhones...
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that iPhone OS 3.0 did NOT add support for IMAP Idle. Yes, you can do push via Activesync, but since when can you get Gmail to push without that? I also access my Gmail on my iPod Touch, so if it really is working without using Activesync I'd actually be pretty excited.
    Oh... and to Shuntae: I also keep trying to swipe things away or swipe to go back whenever I use my Touch, haha.