iPhone from a Windows Phone User's Perspective -- Smartphone Round Robin

I'm an iPhone. Phil's a Windows Phone. But this week our good buddy from WMExperts is taking a look at TiPb's signature device, and to he's asking TiPb iPhone Forum members for their help in understanding Apple's integrated, iTunes-bound universe dent'er. And remember, every day you reply to that thread, you're entered for a chance to WIN AN iPHONE 3GS! (smartphoneroundrobin.com has all your details!)

Meanwhile, I'm over at CrackBerry.com trying to figure out why the BlackBerry Bold 9700's touchscreen just won't work! (And why the Storm2 holds such a grudge!) Head on over to the CrackBerry Forums and give me a hand, and you could win the BlackBerry smartphone of your choice as well!

Rene Ritchie

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