iPhone with Vista Theme ?!

So, uhm, hey, remember yesterday how we told you that jailbreaking made your iPhone more powerful and added to the fun factor? Well, this skin is kind of the opposite of that. If you want to remember the unintuitive days of PC and its notoriously pitiful/sucky/failure-of-an-OS current version, well there's a Vista skin that will frankenstein your iPhone's beautiful layout into something Redmond would create. You'll probably be disowned by the iPhone community if you flaunt this in public but hey, to each his own.

Supposedly the demand for this is very high and the creator, Spec-Works, is working his way into Installer.app. I can only hope that this is all a horrible nightmare that I need to wake up from. Though as much as I find this repulsive, I have to admit, this is a pretty well made theme. The icons and folders are on point and the color fits thematically with its PC counterpart.

This is our take: NO.  Like when Neo said it.  NO:

What's next, a skin based off the Blackberry OS? Heck, even they already think that Vista looks better than that.


  • Agent Smith:
    Vista is more like a virus, infecting iPhones, consuming their child-like sense of wonder, destabilizing their spring board launcher, and otherwise Kuldged By Redmond In Washington'ing their user experience...
  • Good god, could you mac fanboys be any more childish? Boohoo we hate Vista... (we're not using it, but we hate it anyway), we're going to hate on anything with a Windows logo on it, cos our lives are that sad.
    Get a life. Geez.
  • hmm, i would never have thought that people love vista enough to see it on thier iPhones too!!