iPhone/iPod Integration Hits 58% of US Cars!

Technically motor vehicles, we suppose, as people who can still afford to fill up the honking huge gas tanks on trucks and the like get their fair share of iPhone/iPod love as well, as Ars Technica reports that integration has now hit a majority level of 58%.

Proprietary dock port notwithstanding, Apple's dominance of the music player -- and now music phone -- market has no doubt driven (ha!) the adaption. More egalitarian-ly, USB integration has hit 33%, with an even higher rate of increase. Says Jeff Smykll:

When my significant other bought her new Scion XD earlier in the year, one of the things she was really excited about was the iPod integration that came standard. The unit is pretty slick: the iPod can be controlled from the steering wheel, the information about the currently-playing song is available on the head unit, and the iPod's playlists can be traversed using the stereo's knobs.

Pretty slick. Now we have to decide if we're going to spend our recession-dwindled savings on a car with iPhone integration... or similarly priced Macbook Air. Oh, why do you test us so, Apple?!

Rene Ritchie

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