iPhone/iPod touch Fastest-Growing Consumer Electronic Platform in History

The above graph, part of Morgan Stanley Internet analyst Mary Meeker's presentation at Web 2.0, showing iPhone/iPod touch as the fastest-growing consuming electronic platform in history pretty much speaks for itself. In case it doesn't, TechCrunch speaks for it as well:

[iPhone/iPod touch] adoption ramp is even steeper than videogame consoles including the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, and Sony PSP. The original iPod and Blackberry aren’t even in the same league.

No doubt this plays into Apple's recent financial results, but building on what must now be around a 60 million strong install base (50 million from last quarter + 7.4 million new iPhones, + undisclosed amount of iPod touches), builds just the kind of momentum that tends towards freight-train like.

TechCrunch also shows charts highlighting the increase in AT&T data traffic since the iPhone came online (4,932%), and how mobile adoption is "outpacing" desktop. Check out the full article, linked above, for more.

Rene Ritchie

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