iPhone 12 ConceptSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • A hot new iPhone 12 concept looks stunning.
  • Unfortunately, it isn't happening any time soon.
  • That won't stop you from wanting it.

OK, maybe read a few of the words.

Apple is expected to announce the 2020 iPhones later this year and rumors already have us expecting a redesign. If those rumors are accurate we expect to see something that harkens back to one of my favorite iPhones ever, the iPhone 4. And this new concept takes that idea, adds a dash of 2020 magic, and creates something gorgeous.

The concept sees Apple ditch the notch and go for a wraparound display that makes Samsung's curved screens look decidedly flat. There are no fewer than six cameras around the back, and it's all this lovely mix of the old and the new. And because there's a screen on the side of the phone we won't need to worry about another antennagate, too!

Anyway, just watch the video.

Top marks to ConceptsiPhone and Faiz from Technizo Concept for the work!

The only problem? Apple isn't going to make this in 2020. If at all. So yeah, sorry about that.