Sometimes you want to send 15-second videos of your kids doing something ridiculous, and other times you want to send a 40-minute masterpiece) to show off your sick videography skills.

But this isn't always the easiest thing to do: So we're chatting about the different ways you can share your longer videos in the iMore forums!

Donna Smith999

iphone 7+ video is 40 mins long want to send to pc's and other iphones


Some people have suggested things like Dropbox and OneDrive...


Upload it to a file sharing service (OneDrive, DropBox, etc) and then share the link with others.


While others suggest simply AirDropping if your friend is close enough!


Use AirDrop if they are nearby.


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Is there another platform that you like to use to send longer videos? Maybe one that hasn't been mentioned yet? Then go ahead and post it in the iMore forums today! You'll be glad you did!

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