Jony Ive

Apple's senior vice president of design Jony Ive did not mince words about the competition at today's Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit. When he sees designs from Apple in the products of other companies he isn't very flattered.

The official Twitter account for Vanity Fair tweeted some choice quotes from Jony Ive. Here are some of our favorites:

I think a beautiful product that doesn't work very well is ugly

I don't see it as flattery, I see it as theft, and it's lazy. - on Xiaomi's copy-cat phone

There were a thousand reasons, and many occasions, where we nearly gave up" on touch

Hit up the Vanity Fair Twitter stream to see some more. There should be video shortly posted online of Jony Ive. We'll share it when it does go live.

Source: @VanityFair