A federal judge has ordered Apple to provide assistance in accessing an iPhone used by one of the shooters involved in the San Bernardino attacks late last year. As reported by NBC News, Apple has been ordered to provide "reasonable technical assistance" in accessing the iPhone 5c in question:

The judge ruled Tuesday that the Cupertino-based company had to provide "reasonable technical assistance" to the government in recovering data from the iPhone 5c, including bypassing the auto-erase function and allowing investigators to submit an unlimited number of passwords in their attempts to unlock the phone.

The order comes after prosecutors argued in a 40-page filing that Apple has "exclusive technical means" to help the government secure critical information from the gunman's iPhone. However, Apple has been clear in the past that it has no way to access data on an iPhone secured with a passcode and running iOS 8 or later, so it's unlikely that the tech giant will be able to comply with the order.

Apple has been a firm supporter of encryption, leading the company to butt heads with governments over backdoor access to devices — a topic about which CEO Tim Cook has been quite outspoken.

Source: NBC News